Abbie Theobald Nieprawski Avatar
Abbie Theobald Nieprawski

I visited your shop for the first time a couple of months ago. I saw a posting on Facebook... read more

Cynthia Wolf Avatar
Cynthia Wolf

Thank you , Ben, for your assistance with all of Upper Crust’s individual gift plates because how sad are Christmas... read more

Jeff Anderlik Avatar
Jeff Anderlik

My purchase of wine and Sea Salt Caramels was a huge hit with the wife, and I was disappointed with... read more

Angela Gallardo Avatar
Angela Gallardo

Because of Covid it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get my favorite chocolate. For the first... read more

Katie Redington Avatar
Katie Redington

The vanilla creams and the chocolate covered caramels were my favorite! The staff member was super friendly! I'll have to... read more

Heidi McCulloch Hora Avatar
Heidi McCulloch Hora

High quality ingredients turned into delicious treats with combinations for everyone! So good!

Katie Liebenthal Johnson Avatar
Katie Liebenthal Johnson

Wonderful chocolate shop, and they care about the health and safety of their customers. 🍫 ❤️

Kay Beasen Avatar
Kay Beasen

Wonderful shop, wonderful ownership, and I highly respect the safety protocol and concern for others from the shop. Will continue... read more

Elizabeth Eek Avatar
Elizabeth Eek

Not only top notch chocolates but the staff are beyond nice! Always walk away happy

Cindy Lampe Avatar
Cindy Lampe

Absolutely the BEST chocolates in the area. If you haven't tried her signature Sea Salt Caramels- you MUST! Great personalized... read more

Julie VonMuenster Avatar
Julie VonMuenster

The Chocolate Shop is an “Essential Business” in my world!! Especially Sea Salt Caramels!! With the friendliest staff!! 😊❤️

Terry Crandall Avatar
Terry Crandall

Stopped in today, it was suggested I try the Blueberry cream. OMGosh! so smooth and creamy, great flavor and delicious.

Earlene Stueck Avatar
Earlene Stueck

The Marion Chocolate Shop only makes quality chocolates. Their products are quality controlled using high grade ingredients. Their chocolates... read more

Kelly Owens Avatar
Kelly Owens

I just stopped in today and got myself some nutty buddies. THEY ARE TO DIE FOR. You made this pregnant... read more

Teresa Royer Avatar
Teresa Royer

Stopped in today, while visiting my son. Great service, superior chocolates! Can’t wait for a repeat trip!

Tana Fleming Leaverton Avatar
Tana Fleming Leaverton

Seriously, if you are looking to impress with amazing chocolates this is your place! Amazing festive packaging and many varieties... read more

McKenzie Kay Avatar
McKenzie Kay

This chocolate shop makes some of the most decadent truffles I have ever had. They are the prefect amount of... read more

Marilynn Wood Avatar
Marilynn Wood

I had caramel apples shipped to my grandchildren and they loved them!!!

Donna Hunter Avatar
Donna Hunter

Nutty Buddy bars are excellent.

Jill Woodring Avatar
Jill Woodring

Barb Lyons Avatar
Barb Lyons

Angela Ann Avatar
Angela Ann

Thank you for your donation to Richlands Pink Party for a Cure! I got the Peppermint truffles and they are... read more

Barbara Allen Avatar
Barbara Allen

Melanie O'Connell Avatar
Melanie O'Connell

Lindsie gave me some as a thank you gift - so very yummy!!!!!!! Keep up the good work - ... read more

Ana Clymer Avatar
Ana Clymer

Amazing choices, friendly staff, and fun decor! Always a great treat to share during the holidays and special occasions!

Peggy Murray Avatar
Peggy Murray

We are in love with their dark chocolate whether it is part of the truffles, over a caramel apple or... read more

Monique Holtkamp Avatar
Monique Holtkamp

The dark cherry is my favorite! This quaint shop is quite an experience and the chocolate quite lovely.

Ruthie Dolezal Avatar
Ruthie Dolezal

Carmel best ever, smooth, yum, chocolatey!apples2!

Kerry Hodge Madson Avatar
Kerry Hodge Madson

Kim Case Avatar
Kim Case

Love going there it's a lot of fun have the best chocolates anywhere .Irish cream are fantastic

Krista Jenn Blocklinger Avatar
Krista Jenn Blocklinger

The sea salt caramels are to die for!!! Yummmmmm

Rick Sandstrom Avatar
Rick Sandstrom

Fresh handmade exquisite chocolate that shows the talent and love from the team. A real treasure for us!

Dori Patrick Avatar
Dori Patrick

WE LOVE Marion Chocolate Shop! Everything is so tasty, and the staff is wonderful.....this place is a treasure....go try it!

Emily Clark Avatar
Emily Clark

Best chocolate in town hands down!!!!! Love the toffee the best I've ever tasted.

Gail Blum Avatar
Gail Blum

The sweetest chocolate in town. The truffles are to die for 🙂

Sally Knepper Jechura Avatar
Sally Knepper Jechura

My two very special caramel apples arrived yesterday. This morning there is only one left. I tried to... read more

Daniel Lundby Avatar
Daniel Lundby

LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!

Peg Burlage Mere Avatar
Peg Burlage Mere

We received a box of your chocolates as a house warming gift. LOVE!!!

Andrea Nolan Avatar
Andrea Nolan

If you really want to show how much you love or care for someone . This is the chocolates... read more

Katie McNamara Avatar
Katie McNamara

Tyson Switzer Avatar
Tyson Switzer

Mollie Rauch Avatar
Mollie Rauch

Crystal Lynn Thompson Avatar
Crystal Lynn Thompson

Connie Chapman Avatar
Connie Chapman

Jamie Cannon Jones Avatar
Jamie Cannon Jones


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